Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Identity Theft

During the weekend of October 22-23 five computers containing medical and personal information of more than 3,000 patients were stolen from a Stone Oak physician’s office in San Antonio. On December 5th letters were sent to the patients informing them that their personal information were kept on the stolen computers and as of December 15th their information had not been misused yet. The data on the computers were not encrypted. Stone Oak Urgent Care has complied with all federal regulations.
Here at Corona Visions we understand the importance of data protection and hard drives. Computers and fax machine memories are erased using the DOD-5220-22 erase menu, the same standard used by the Department of Defense to thoroughly erase to government specifications. We also have on-site destruction for those who take data protection seriously.

EPA Winner APP

Light Bulb Finder is a free app on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Touch Mobile devices. This free app makes it easy to switch from conventional light bulbs to energy-saving ones. Just submit which fixtures and incandescent bulb types that you would like to replace, and the app finds the right style and light quality. The app can allow you to view financial payback and environmental impact of recommended light bulbs. From there you can actually make a shopping list and either buy from the app or use to purchase at a local store. This free app has been selected from the Environmental Protection Agency as the Winner of the Best Overall App for the Environment Challenge.