Friday, May 4, 2012

Trip The Light - Anthony Burchell

 Trip The Light is electronic music constructed from the graves of old electronic equipment.  Some of this equipment can be seen in the electronic museum at Corona Visions Inc. The mastermind behind Trip The Light is San Antonio native Anthony Burchell.
On his facebook he once wrote “I make music with all the junk your parents threw out” - a true recycler. He is a young musician with the creativity of modifying old electronics and making unique sounds with them.
Recently, The San Antonio Current Music Awards voted Anthony Burchell Best Electronic Artist in San Antonio 2012. Burchell is also soon to be featured in an upcoming issue of Backbeat Magazine. His style of music is greatly influenced by a band called Board of Canada that he describes it as giving him a “natural organic feel in a digital world”. 
Trip The Light, Anthony Burchell
His live show equipment consists of a 1980’s Radio Shack TANDY color computer routed to a video amplifier, a guitar cab filled with television sets, and other vintage electronics with which he builds his music one layer at a time.
Trip The Light, Anthony Burchell
Trip The Light, Anthony Burchell

Some layers come from using the Commodore 64 (which competed in the game console against Atari in the 80’s). He is also able to modify the Game Boy using the devices' sound port to create yet another unique sound with inputted codes. Occasionally, Anthony will throw small vocals in with the layers yet no more than a few sentences and never straying away from his sound which he describes as “Spacy”. If you want to check out more of Anthony Burchell and Trip the Light stop by his site at

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