Thursday, May 24, 2012

8 Useless Gadgets

Technology has been a blessing with new gadgets popping up every second promising to make our lives simpler.  However, several gadgets out there end up being useless and need to be recycled.
 The Car Stereo Remote for example is a palm sized remote that is used to help us control the stereo that is not even a foot away from you. The car stereo remote allows anyone including our favorite backseat drivers to change the station. This is almost as annoying as keeping up with the remote itself.

The “As Seen on TV” Clip Mate gives a convincing hands-free experience that Bluetooth can’t by clipping the entire phone to the side of your face.   
Another “As Seen on TV” product that is just as useless is the iPhone Viewing Hat. This accessory comes in two stylish options, Baseball or Visor. The hat lets you store your iPhone in a sleeve dangling in front of your face.  Flaps hang down on the sides of the cap giving you perfect vision for game play. Too bad there are no iPhones that fit in the sleeves.

Who needs to carry around a smart phone when you live like 007 with your smart cell phone watch? Several phone watches are equipped with color display, speakerphone, and… a camera. Yes, some even come with a stylus. This is the perfect “go gadget” to help bring Dr. Evil down.
People send and receive all types of information through the internet such as personal files, images, and greeting e-cards.
 But have you heard anyone sending someone that sweet precious smell of your choice?  Digi Scents iSmell, a USB controlled computer device that allows you to mix 64 different fragrances and digitally transmit the smell though the internet. Wouldn’t it be a great gift of giving someone a concoction of scents straight from your own computer? 

It doesn’t matter what type of remote or what it belongs to, it will be lost at one point and sometimes will never return. Having the Remote Wrangler will solve this dilemma! The Remote Wrangle is attached to the remotes and then strapped on to your head with Velcro. It’s really that simple.

It’s a cold, dark and rainy night, perfect for the LED Umbrella. It is a standard umbrella with an LED glowing light stick handle. The umbrella comes in two colors, red or blue and runs off 2 AAA batteries. After a long and tiresome day you might not have any energy left to bathe yourself, a human washing machine might be what you need. 

The Avan Santelubian 999 from Japan is an automatic washing robotic bath. You climb into it and close it on top of yourself. It sterilizes and self-cleans. This is a few of thousands cool but useless gadgets. What gadgets would you add to the list?

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