Monday, January 30, 2012

Collapsible Itty Bitty Car

Having the opportunity of folding your car up like a chair to gain space is finally here! As seen on TV… nope actually you may see this electrical tiny car soon on your street. Hiriko which means “urban car” is a compact car that can literally fold up. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed an electric car for the crowded cities of the world. The vehicle is powered by a single electric engine and the wheels can rotate 360 degrees, the steering wheel will be replaced by a joystick steering device that pulls at your fingers to suggest steering moves when in need to do so by the on-board navigation system. The driver and passenger will enter the vehicle thru the single, flip-up door in the front of the car that also acts as the windshield when lifted like a garage door. Hiriko when folded reduces its length to 60 inches in other words you can fit three into a parking space meant for a single car. This two seated compact car can go about 75 miles on a full charge and reach up to speeds over 50 mph. Hiriko’s manufacturers hope people rent out the itty bitty car either hourly or on a daily basis. Test vehicles have already hit production and you should see them later this year in cities such in Spain, Sweden and our very own Boston.