Thursday, February 16, 2012

High Tech Fashion

Want to make the ultimate fashion statement but running out of ideas? Then fiber optic fabric is something you may want to explore.  Fiber optic fabric is made of ultra-thin optical fibers directly woven within synthetic fibers. You can wear these radiant fibers as clothing or light up your home with it.  This water resistant material can be washed by hand, and is connected to ultra-bright LEDs that light up the fabric. The clothing is illuminated by the Fiber Optic Fabric and is barely visible in direct or broad daylight but looks fantastic in dark settings. The items may include an on/off switch and are powered by low voltage batteries to avoid the risk of electrical shock or cause the fabric to heat up. The colors depend on the type of electronic module or LEDs used with the fabric.

High tech fabric can be worn as a glow affect and can also be as smart as your phone.  A Canadian laboratory is experimenting with special fibers woven into clothing to make soft interactive screens.  This special product can help make batteries and flexible touch screens (similar to smart phones and tablets).  The idea is for the clothing to charged itself, store energy, and perform useful functions. Researchers made flat sheets of batteries into thin strips and wove the strips into clothing textiles. Several textile manufacturers are cautious in working with completely new fibers, so the Canadian researchers began providing various fibers for designers to try. This technology could lead to smart clothing that monitors a person’s health, adjust volume by the touch of your sleeve, or swipe across a car’s upholstery to turn down the heat. High tech fabric has opened the door for many possibilities.  

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