Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recycled Water

Water is a precious resource. We should all show our love more often by recycling it. Water recycling is a social, environmental and economical solution in making the most of our water resource more efficient.

Here are a few ways you can help by recycling your water: get rain collection barrels or a bucket and place them out in the yard to collect water when it rains. The stored rain water can be used for feeding livestock and watering the garden. Using rain water is great because it is free of chemicals.

When watering flower pots, put something under them to catch the water drainage and then re-use it to water your garden.

Water you use to clean the dishes can be reused in the toilet bowl for flushing or it can be used to water household plants, cleaning floors, sinks and toilets.

If you would like to reduce the grease in the water, add a drop or two of dish soap or baby shampoo to the water. The water used to cook vegetables or pasta can go into the compost pile when it becomes cooled.

Not that many people have time to wash their laundry by hand but doing it will cut down on water and energy consumption.

Everyone has heard that less water is used when taking a shower rather than a bath. A 5 minute shower will use between 7 and 8 gallons of water and you will lose it down the drain, however, you can reuse all of your bath water.

If you decide to take a shower, put a bucket in the shower to collect the cooler water when allowing the water to warm up. You can use either bath or shower water to mop floors, clean tiles, wash dirty walls, poor into outdoor tree wells, or water the lawn. Soapy water will not hurt your lawn so go ahead and throw it on your grass.

While washing your car, turn off the hose in between the wash and rinse. Even better, wash your car in a location where the water runs off in the lawn.

If you own your own home a gray-water recycling system is the way to go. The system filers the used household water from sinks, showers and washing machines. It saves hundreds of gallons of fresh water. The Gray water can be used outdoors for watering lawns, shrubs and gardens.

Here are a few examples how companies are trying to be more efficient. Rides and attraction parks use recycled water here in San Antonio. SeaWorld, for example, uses water recycling systems. Golf courses are trying to use effluent water to do their part. One golf course started banking water in the colder seasons to enable them to water their fairways not just their tee boxes and greens in the warmer seasons.

A town in Texas last year considered recycling their toilet water for its residents. They were taking treated effluent water and blending it with supplied potable water. NASA has a system which filters urine directly to salvage water.

The toilet aboard the U.S. segment of the International Space Station includes a tank that collects and filters urine, and has a well-monitored process to recover water in urine for drinking, cooking, cleaning and other uses.

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