Monday, May 7, 2012

Virtual Grocery Shopping

How many times have you found yourself missing an ingredient while preparing a meal? With the frustration of working all day and the traffic you went through to get home, that one ingredient isn’t worth going back out for. For all those who just do not have the time to grocery shop there is an app for you. Grocery shopping virtually isn’t new. South Koreans shop virtually while waiting for the subway and now here in the United States. With Chicago’s “L” commuters, online grocery Peapod has covered the walls in both the State and Lake Station tunnel with their very own supermarket. Peapods “grocery shelves” cover the tunnel as wall paper. A smart-phone can scan the barcodes of the merchandise a consumer would like to buy, and as little as the next day the online grocery Peapod delivers. For the time crunchers, scan-and-buy groceries are a time savor, turning commuting into another productive time. 

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