Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Gadgets

It’s that time again for all football fans! Super Bowl XLVI is here and if you are deciding on throwing a super bowl party or going to one, here are some necessities to kick your party off right. Some people are only into the game and some just want to talk, so setting up separate televisions for everyone to view would be a great idea. For the first time in history the super bowl is going to be streamed live to computers and mobile devices, the only catch is you have to access the NFL Mobile app on a Verizon phone. So running late will be okay because you can still catch it at home on the net or on your phone while you are getting ready.

For the kids at the party who don’t want to join in the game there is something you can set up for them as well. Try arranging a video gaming setup in another area or physical activities for them to enjoy, such as throwing a football around in the yard. A perfect football for them could be the “Virtual Distance Football”. When thrown the distance is calculated by using sensors to detect when the ball is released to the impact of a catch or fumble.
At the party there needs to be plenty of drinks for everyone. “Maragritaville Party Cooler” can chill 40 12 ounce bottles along side a 4-liter bonus tank.
The snacks are a must and some like to eat all day long. Chips, buffalo wings, meat and vegetable trays and cheese spreads can be around, but if you are looking for some BBQ here is a gadget grill for you: “Grill-N-Chill”.

“Grill-N-Chill” combines the geek and the sports together. It is a stainless steel, 24,000 BTU, with 20,000 port ceramic infrared burners, and a total of 473 Sq. inches of cooking area. A 180 watt JBL marine stereo AM/FM tuner and a CD player with speakers are included along with 12-volt battery connectors. That’s not all, don’t forget about the Chill in the Grill, this includes a 60 quart insulated cooler with a drain. If you want to bring the grill to the party the Grill-N-Chill has a complete automotive hook-up and the ability to act as your indicator and brake lights when mounted on your vehicle. What more can you ask from your grill?

There are also a few games you could play while watching the big game. Have fun with the commercials! Give your guests a list of celebrities set to appear in the commercials and award a prize to whoever identifies the celebrity first, or whoever identifies the most on their list. Rating the commercials from a scale 1-5 from a selection of the most talked about commercials to premier during the game. Tally up the scores and declare a winning commercial. There are several drinking games you could play but we will leave that up to you. Super bowl is over and everyone has left, you realize there is a huge aftermath of the big game. Never fear the “IroBot Roomba Vacuum” is here to save the day, destroying dirt wherever it may lay! So go have fun with these cool gadgets and ideas and make your Super Bowl party history.