Thursday, January 26, 2012

Child Named "Facebook"

Facebook is serving several purposes, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, connecting with family, and naming your family. That’s right; people are using facebook for help to name their bouncing boy or girl of joy. Several facebook pages are solely for baby names. Others try to gain fan base to support the name they choose. One fan page asked for a million fans to force an agreement on his sister that if he succeeded she would name her son Megatron. Unfortunately he was 13 days short of a million fans and his sister’s baby was born named Dylan. A young Egyptian adult named his baby girl last year "Facebook"! On January 25th 2011, Facebook was used to organize the protest in Tahrir Square. The young man chooses "Facebook" for his daughters name to honor the victory the protest achieved. Back in May of last year an Israeli couple named their daughter "Like" after Facebooks “Like” button. Proud parents just like the meaning behind “Like”.