Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nigerias E-Waste

Globally, 20-50 million tons of electronic waste is dumped. Nigeria has become one of the largest dumping grounds of e-waste in the world. According to the National Environmental Management Authority; Nigeria generates 17,000 tons of e-waste annually. (Only the expected number is only to increase. With the countries growth and their e-waste cell phone surge.) Nigeria does not have a proper system of sorting out e-waste, leaving the problem to scavengers. The government does restrict the age of the equipment coming into the country but still face challenges of local dumping.

Everyday 50 Kenyans pass away to a cancer-related disease. Astonishing cases of Kenyan children are faced with kidney disease and the number of diseased is increasing. Electronic waste is among the main causes of cancer including the increase of reproductive health diseases. The rise of cancer cases are due to lack of knowledge on how to handle e-waste and environmental pollution properly. Some metals in electronic waste equipment and the burning of plastics have increased diseases and severe respiratory problems. African countries are becoming aware of their e-waste and the problems associated with it. Hewlett-Packard has partnered with a non government organization to establish an e-waste recycling facility in Kenya, and operate within regulations of international health, safety and environmental standards.

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