Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Smartphone applications joined with certain toys gives you access to spy on people in close ranges. This idea is not new, but none have been this small or this cheap before. Remote-control specialists Interactive Toy Concepts, have come up with two great spying toys. The ‘Wi-Spi helicopter’ and the ‘Intruder’ are both controlled from an app on your smartphone via wi-fi. The Wi-Spi can send video and still pictures to the smartphone instantaneously. Intruder sends recorded video with sounds.The down fall is that since the are working on wi-fi this gives them a short distance to work with. The cool new gadget “toys” can also record and rapidly upload video to your favorite social media sites. You can expect to see Wi-Spi and Intruder this fall, maybe under the next Christmas tree…and hopefully in the box and not recording.

Lost & Found

Landfills are no longer a dirty little secret and would be hard to deny what role you play in polluting. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been studying what happens to used and discarded electronic devices. The researchers developed and applied two technologies that allow electronics to send out their locations, once they are tossed out. In an incident the research team at MIT got the opportunity to test it out. Their equipment was stolen but was operational for image capturing and the exact location was reported back. Needless to say pictures of the thieves and the equipments GPS reported information for an arrest to be made and for the return to the team. Soon you will no longer be irresponsible by throwing your electronics “away”, because they Will return.