Monday, January 16, 2012

Computers Controlled by your Minds

Controlling your computer with your mind seems more Science Fiction than real but it is reality. BodyWave, bio-feedback armbands attach wirelessly, and transmits the brainwave data back to a personal computer or other devices such as a cell phone. BodyWave uses software called Play Attention that reports interactive feedback and trains attention and teaches stress-control in mobile situations. The Play Attention software includes mind-controlled 3D games and interactive virtual reality simulators. The person using BodyWave controls an avatar with their mind. When they happen to lose concentration the game stops functioning properly until the user engages more fully. The system starts off free of any distractions and then gradually progresses with distractions. People in education, industry and the military as well as people with disabilities such as ADHD, have found great use for the BodyWave. The BodyWave uses three dry carbon sensors that lay on the skin of the arm. These sensors search and measure the brainwave activity then send feedback. In sports they can analyze the physiological data of their players while they are in action, making adjustments in their plays. The military can measure the stress levels of soldiers in a combat environment and make strategic adjustments. The United States Women’s Bobsled Team and the U.S. military are already using this technology. In the U.S. the BodyWave runs about $1,795, a hefty price to pay for one to sharpen their mind.