Friday, March 9, 2012

3D Glasses
Cinemizer OLED are new multimedia video glasses. The glasses are equipped with a pair of head-tracking modules, flexible stereo headphones, and a joystick. The Cinemizer attracts gamers, architects, and educators that can utillize the glasses in the classroom. Also, they are perfect for 3D movie experience. The Cinemizer OLED glasses work with tablets, Smartphones, and game consoles as well. As an architect, they can be used with an app on their tablet along with the joystick. The user can navigate through an office already built in the 3D world. You can walk through the virtual rooms and different floor levels using the joystick for direction. The architect is able to design structures, pick colors and placement of furniture and fixtures. The lighting and shadows are displayed in real time with other people walking around giving the user a more realistic experience without having to actually step foot in the building. These multimedia glasses are available for pre-order for the summer deliveries through, setting your wallet back about $850.

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