Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leaders in San Antonio Recycling

Corona Visions Inc. an e-Steward Enterprise company and TechnoCycle an e-Steward Certified company have join forces in the 30,000 square foot facility located in San Antonio Texas. Both companies carry the “e-Steward logo” which insures your company that you could not be in better hands for all your electronic recycling needs.

Corona Visions Inc and TechnoCycle carry the only global comprehensive shield from the significant threats presented by e-waste pollution, data loss.

Corona Visions Inc. and TechnoCycle are leaders in providing e-waste Enterprise Stewardship Compliance and e-waste certified disposal recycling service. TechnoCycle is certified to the e-Stewards and R2 electronic recycling standards- ensuring industry best practices in Data security, Environmental compliance and Logistical Management.

TechnoCycle also carries the OHSAS 18001 compliance and was certified to ISO 14001, demonstrating high standards in health and safety and environmental compliance.

Corona Visions Inc. and TechnoCycle ensure data security through onsite and offsite data erasure and shredding. Both subscribe the highest standards of environment compliance- no landfill or illegal exports of e-waste and logistical management with a professional team of consultants available to design custom recycling plans to meet end-of-life technology needs for companies of all sizes.

Corona Visions Inc. and TechnoCycle can help your company become Compliance: In the United States now we have over two-dozen states that have adopted e-waste laws, and more laws are being developed at both the state and federal level. The U.S. Federal Electronics Challenge tells it’s partners that by using Stewards recyclers “ you will meet federal requirements to employ environmentally sound practices with respect to disposition of electronic products” E-Stewards Enterprise status means you meet and exceed all state laws and will be well prepared for any forthcoming federal legislation.

Vandell Norwood of Corona Visions Inc and Mike Buckles of TechnoCycle, are committed to provide their customers with the highest standards of secure and responsible disposal of electronic waste.

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