Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cool Gadget Toys

If looks could kill... Actually they can, with the cool new arcade game made by a Swedish company Tobii. Standing in front of the game, the console contains cameras that track your gaze. As you look at the screen asteroids are hurtling toward your battle station. The game then shoots laser beams at the asteroids you look at, destroying them. The game is sold for $15,000 but Tobii’s main idea is to get the gaze tracking cameras in laptops and computers.

One other cool new gadget toy is Foam Fighters. Foam Fighters are two sheets of thin foam painted and shaped like WWII fighter planes. They fly like paper airplanes when tossed in the air. You can attach the Foam Fighter plane to the back of an iPhone, iPad or Android phone next to the camera and the airplane shows up on the screen of the device. You then have to download a free app that will make the fighter plane zooming around in a war zone sky scene. The Foam Fighter is then controlled by the movement of the phone or tablet. This toy will go on sale in April and will only set you back $10 for a pack of two.

High-Tech Bedroom

If you are someone who loves tech gadgets and wants to geek out your bedroom, here are a few that you can choose from:

When you are lying next to someone who snores or if you are the snorer, then there is a wrist band for you: Operating on one AAA battery, Snore Relief Wrist Band can be worn to establish the difference between ambient noise and snoring. The band uses electrical signals that gently stimulate the median nerves located at the inner wrists without waking you. A recent study showed that 80 percent of those who used the wrist band stopped snoring after a few weeks.

To catch some shut eye but still needing some relaxing music then you just plug your MP3player into your bed. Tune-In bed  features two 4-inch speakers with audio input to connect your music player. All you have to do is control it with your bed knob.

Snuggle up with the Story Blanket! This blanket is described as a children duvet cover and comforter that incorporate LED lights and a themed soundtrack. You can choose from four different Story Blankets each one telling a different story through artwork. The LED lights blink to music and sounds for a soothing two minutes. The Story Blanket has a Sleep Mode where the lights fade slowly to darkness over one minute. The blanket does require three D batteries.

Also, go with your Story Blanket try a light up pillow. The d-light Huggable is a 12 LED lit pillow that stays lit up for 4 hours then slowly dims. Your lit pillow runs on four AA batteries or you can just pull down on the chain to power off of the 5-volt adapter

Last, before resting, unwind with karaoke in your boxers. Who hasn’t sported their under garments and sung their heart out in their bedroom? With Play Print iBoxers you can shout out with your brush in your cool new karaoke boxers. And they are not just for the ladies, there are iBoxers for men as well.  A  small pocket is located in the front so you can tuck your MP3 player or mobile phone in a convenient place. So with a few batteries or an adapter you can have your very own geek-ed out bedroom.