Friday, December 30, 2011

Electronic-Free Drivers across the Nation?

The end of 2011 has arrived and 35 states so far have banned text messaging while driving. All of those 35 states can still use hand-free accessories. Several of the legislation in 2011 has focused more on text messaging behind the wheel. That is considered more dangerous of a driving activity than cell phone use in general. However, this December, the National Transportation Safety Board urged the states to also ban hands-free use of electronic devices. Even though the ban of text messaging is in effect for some states, accidents from electronic distracted drivers are on the rise. Devices that combine call messaging such as Voxer, navigation, Internet surfing, data retrieval and audio could be causing the accidents to grow. Becoming more popular is the introduction of vehicles with dashboard-mounted, interactive computer screens with internet, smart phone synchronization and video capabilities. The laws are on portable devices and not the manufactured installed devices. Corporations and some celebrities are speaking about the dangers of electronic distractions while driving. We will have to see in 2012 if everyone must own a hands-free accessory or just have the inconvenience of pulling over to use their portable electronic devices.

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