Friday, January 13, 2012

Power from the Human Body

Everyone knows the human body is full of energy, well most of ours. Now, if we could just use that energy to power electronics. Touch screens are flooding the market with smartphones, tablets, and computers and will eventually need to be charged. Sungkyunkwan University in Korea is working with Samsung to fix that problem. They are working on a touch screen that can capture power form the user’s finger tips. Combining flexible, transparent electrodes to the touch screens, the research team can make them with energy trapping material to harness our energy to power the portable device. The down fall is the power conversion is small and they still need to find a way to integrate several electrodes and wires in a large arrangement.
Another plug in to the human body is our DNA. Scientists are making attempts to use DNA and enzymes to create a self-powered molecular computer. The computer will be a biochemical that will work just like a living body, creating its own energy and monitoring its own conditions. Scientists try to tap the energy which then is released while the DNA section is broken. When the energy is released it is trapped by an enzyme. The enzyme then cuts DNA input molecule in specific places and free the energy required to power the computer. 

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