Thursday, March 8, 2012

Computers For Children
Here are a few systems that help allow them to enjoy technology the way you do. Child Pad is a 7” Android tablet designed by Archos just for kids. There are 28 pre-loaded kid apps with access to a Kids App Store having 14 friendly categories and over 10,000 apps to choice from. Child Pad has parental controls and safe web browsing to monitor the children. The tablet has a microUSB port front-facing camera, and a 4GB internal storage. If that isn’t enough for them, there is a microSD slot that gives an extra 32 gig. These Child Pads have different models such as a special edition “Alvin” version, which comes pre-loaded with bonus chipmunk wallpapers and special themes.

The next step up from a tablet is a PeeWee PC notebook for the kids. The PeeWee Pivot 2.0 features
a 10.1- inch touch screen that rotates 180 degrees. The notebook allows wireless connection through wifi or Bluetooth. It comes with two USB 2.0 ports, stereo speakers, and for those clumsy individuals a waterproof keyboard. It also features a durable casing with a detachable handle.

Last, Kids CyberNet Station is an all-in-one PC intended just for kids. The difference from the Kids CyberNet Station and a regular PC is there are several pre-installed applications for kids, Peanut Butter Software, and a colorful keyboard and mouse. Peanut Butter Software allows children to use the computer without corrupting the system. Designed by a father of 3, Peanut Butter software is a usable software solution for toddlers and young children including a Peanut Butter Mouse that allows dual mouse control to help guide your child in navigating the computer. The Kids CyberNet Station comes with wifi, Windows 7 operating system, and a DVD RW.

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