Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bjorn's... Just Bjorn's

Have you ever dreamed about having your own personal theater? I had the pleasure of going and seeing my dream in reality at Bjorn’s. I have never seen such a store of audio video home theater before. On Bjorns website it states “Bjorn’s… just Bjorn’s” and they are right, there is nothing quit like it. 

You first walk into an outstanding open show room, displaying all of the best in audio video home theater equipment. There is even a waterfall running down their SunBrite television. (Don’t worry its waterproof and weatherproof) There is several side rooms completely set up in different home style theaters, but there is one that stands out from the rest and Bjorn’s call it “The Ultimate Room”,  I call it heaven for entertainment.

The “Ultimate Room” was designed by Tomlinson Holman aka “TH” in “THX” and Mr. Bjorn himself and neither one leaving anything out. When you open the 600 pound entry door to their home theater, which has the newest entertainment technology known to man; you will start to understand why they choose its name. Upon being greeted, I asked for the Ultimate 3D experience and what I received was so much more. The representative had me sit in the front row in the D-Box chair while he explained the specs of the room.

 The room has a surround sound system that incorporates ten discrete channels of full-range audio system of 14 speakers and including two discrete subwoofer channels for music. With the Audyssey MultEQ system the audio system is calibrated to the acoustics of the room giving every seat “the best seat in the house”.

The flooring was even designed just for the D-Box experience in mind. I have tried the D-Box experience before in a theater but those seats don’t have anything on Bjorn’s D-Box seats. Using their Kaleidescape system, a server and controller system that stores all software digitally with an interactive on-screen user interface, the rep chose a 6 minute clip of Avatar in 3D. I reclined my seat with a touch of a button and begun to move and even at times seemed to float with the scenes of the movie. The screen was able to open and close for different viewing options and with their 3D glasses the movie jumped off the screen. The next clip that was shown to me was from Lord of The Rings, shown just for Bjorn’s D-Box seats. It was a great clip to show the intensity, I honestly felt, I was on the battle field with giant elephants stomping up the ground. The cost of this Ultimate room you may ask, well it’s about the same as an average home in America, only it was designed for no sound to come in or get out.

At Bjorn’s they are more than happy to give demonstrations. It takes about 20 minutes for a demo of the 10.2 channel surround sound system of Tomlinson Holman and between 15-20 minutes for the video system demo. Together the demonstration can be around 30 minutes, they do have quicker versions of the demo but believe me you are going to want to experience the entire 30 minute demonstration. As they say “The Ultimate Room’ Simply amazing.”

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Bjorn's... Just Bjorn's

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