Thursday, March 15, 2012

Android: No Touch Required

A smartphone so smart no touching is required! Xperia Sola from Sony is the latest Android smartphone. Its a pretty standard phone with “3D surround sound”, if not consider the fact that you don’t have to touch it.  Xperias key feature is “floating touch” navigation, which enables web browsing without touching the screen. The motion control like technology is used by hovering their finger above the screen acting as a curser. The phone also comes with two SmartTags, which allows users to upload apps and change their devices’ settings, they can be personalized to activate up to 10 different commands such as turning your Wi-Fi on and open your albums then share on any screen in any room, launch Google news or apps in the living room, and turn the alarm on in the bedroom. Xperia Sola is compatible with AT&T’s 3G network, however no announcements yet if the phone will be coming to the states this year. How Sony did this is a mystery.

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