Thursday, March 15, 2012

Silk Spider Web- Great Heat Conductors

 Silicon, aluminum, and iron are usually the best heat conductors, until the testing of the Silk Spider Webs took place. According to a study, Silk Spider Webs are better heat conductors than the average minerals. The webs conduct 1,000 times more than silkworm silk and 800 times more than organic tissues.  On a scale of higher heat conductors, Silk Spider Webs are right up there along with silver and diamond. Usually the heat thermal energy is lost when being stretched. The spider silk is a remarkable exception and actually increases the conductivity by 20%. The flexibility and great heat conductor maybe found in some of our heat-dissipating electronics in the near future. We will be conserving in many ways just because it is an organic material and technology is only going to expand more and more. We will be able to find the spider silk not only in our electronics but in clothes and everyday appliances.

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